First two HLMT-sponsored midwifery students are studying!

We have really excellent news – the first two midwifery students sponsored by HLMT, Aminata Sumanie and Suah Vala, began their three-year studies in January 2021 at the Esther Bacon School of Nursing and Midwifery in Zorzor, north-east Liberia. They both met the HLMT criteria: they had the appropriate academic qualifications and required sponsorship in order to enroll on the 3-year Diploma in Midwifery. Both students have indicated a desire to pursue their midwifery careers, once they qualify, in the rural areas where they grew up.

Suah Vala and Aminata Sumanie

Aminata and Suah were selected at a very thorough entrance-exam-and-interview process in December. The interview panel included Esther Bacon teachers and Abdul-rahman Bah, a colleague of Helen Loewenstein in Liberia with a master’s degree in Public Health from Nottingham Trent University. Both Aminata, aged 29, and Suah, aged 19, impressed the interviewing panel with their high academic grades and passion to become midwives.

As a result of supporters’ donations, HLMT will pay their tuition fees, accommodation, initial equipment and fees of their professional registration exam. We will be receiving regular feedback on the progress being made by Aminata and Suah. The Helen Loewenstein Memorial Trust wishes them every success with their studies and careers.

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